Final Preparation

With just four days to go before we depart for Tanzania the prospect of climbing Kilimanjaro seems very real. Preparations had been going well over the past months with a fantastic days scrambling on Tryfan and the Glyders. The negative effects of holiday Croissants, Cheese and red wine had been tempered by the wonderfully restorative early morning runs through the vineyards of Cote de Bourge


Last week I suffered a minor set back, whilst out running a tumble over a loose paving slab left me with cuts, bruises and damaged ribs. The GP has confirmed that they’re badly bruised rather than fractured and that Ibuprofen and Paracetamol are more compatible with altitude than Codeine. One week on and the pain is begging to subside but I’m resigned to  some uncomfortable nights camping on the mountain and will be taking a large stash of painkillers.


5 thoughts on “Final Preparation

      1. antdenatale

        Hopefully…We are doing the Machame Route and we set off on Saturday morning, so if you see a short fat, hair Welshman just say hi!

        Good luck for you trek….see you at the top :o)

  1. Wingclipped

    Best of luck, Chris! Another friend of mine has just come back from Kili after summiting last month. Having seen here photos I am inspired – you are a lucky man and have some incredible treats awaiting you. Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing your photos when you get back. Nic


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