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The Long Walk Home

How wonderful it must be to run home from work? With my current state of fitness and 18 kilometres separating my places of work and abode this really doesn’t seem like option for me, but what about walking home? At twenty past six on Friday I set out from my offices on Bishopsgate heading North. Three hours later I arrived in Barnet with slightly tired legs but notwithstanding feeling quietly proud of my accomplishment.

Walk Home

It’s certainly not the most tranquil of walks, impatient motorist screeching by most of the way, keen to start their weekends. The scenery along the way could hardly be described as the most beautiful but it was, nevertheless, an interesting and unusual way to spend a Friday evening. It’s true that one notices a great deal more when travelling on foot, not least just how many restaurants there are in north London (it’s also amazing just how good grilling meat smells when you’ve restricted yourself to 400 calories for lunch).

I don’t think I would want to make a habit of walking home, it’s not a particularly strenuous feet of athleticism and it just seems to takes so long. I was however, pleasantly surprised to learn from the mapmywalk application that I had burnt 1,700 calories enough to fund a couple of pints for Sunday night!

I wonder how many commuters of suburban London have worked their whole careers without connecting their homes and work places by foot? There’s something liberating about walking home, a little like the first time that one realises that it is possible to travel from Covent Garden to Piccadilly Circus without the aide of the tube. Cyril Connolly, once said that no city should be so large that a man could not walk out of it in a morning, I tend to agree and I am pleased to report that London is definitely not too large!

3D Fly by Tour


What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Another New Year and another set of New Year’s resolutions. This year (not unlike prior years) it’s a commitment to getting fitter, losing weight and reducing my blood pressure. I have a great long term goal (to climb mount Kilimanjaro) and a realistic short term goal of becoming overweight (unfortunately, if your body mass index exceeds 30 you are classed as obese!). But how to keep motivated and on track? I’ve lost weight successfully in the past and for me, the only thing that really seems to work is a near obsessive focus on measurement.

The great Peter Drucker once stated that “What’s measured improves” and in my experience this certainly seems to be the case.

my fitness palI will therefore be starting to use the “myfitnesspal” web site and iPhone application. This is a great little application that allows you to track your weight, your exercise, set goals and most importantly record everything you eat. Whilst this may sound onerous the application uses the iPhone’s camera as a bar-code scanner so one can simply zap a lunchtime sandwich and the calories and other nutritional information such as salt content are added to your daily total. Magic!

stairwellThe second of my resolutions is to make more use of the stairs. I work on the 6th floor of my London office which can be reached by either a stylish glass lift or by 164 less glamorous steps. My rough calculations make it an 82 foot climb. In a year that’s over 20 thousand feed (higher than Kilimanjaro) just by taking the stairs to work.

And that is it, just two simple resolutions and nothing more. Happy New Year and good luck with any resolutions you may have made.